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About Muza

Muza is an international music band, a duo based in NYC, the members are Muza and G’ Anomaly. "Muza" (birth name Muzahid) is a lead singer, songwriter, and producer. "G’ Anomaly" (birth name Gabriel) is a multidisciplinary artist and behind the scenes mastermind who envisions Muza's image, alongside creates music, visuals and inspiration. Muza has songs signed to Simplify Recordings and AIA at only 21 Years Old. In the summer of 2018, Muza’s smash hit single “Bondhurey” was #1 in Bangladesh and the music video has over 10 millions views on YouTube. When it comes to vocals Muza has practiced the middle eastern and south asian styles and incorporates it into his vocals. Never afraid to cross genres and ignore borders, he can sing in English, Spanish, Bangla, Hindi, and Arabic. Their combined talents make a musical-visual powerhouse. 


New Album

Muza Singer 3rd eye album

Latest Music VideoS

Tui Kothay | Muza - Tawhid Afridi | Hayat Mahmud | New Bangla Song 2019 - 3 weeks ago at 1.8 million views


Tawhid Afridi (YouTuber with 1.7million subscribers) & Muza - released 5 weeks ago and over 2.7 million views!


 Latest music



Rutgers University

Performed Feb 2019

Performed Feb 2019

Stony Brook University

Performed November 2018

Performed November 2018

Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Performed December 2017


Pianos, Lower Eastside, NYC

Performed December 2017 and July 2016



BBC - Radio

“I want to bring more EDM into Bangla music”. Muza talks about how he want to bring more EDM into Bangla music & his collab with Nish. Listen Now.

Muza BBC Interview

Dynamic DJ Duo, Muza and David Schoenwetter, have come together to bring to life a sun-soaked Electronic banger with their new single, “Roots”. Muza and David have created a lyrical gem that highlights the insecurities that come with experiencing the bright lights and beginning to feel weary of other’s intentions.  Read More.